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The warrant is issued to one of our skilled professional Bailiffs, he/she will attend the address of the debtor and obtain full payment to satisfy the outstanding debt.

If payment is not tendered then it will be necessary for our bailiff (CEA) to Take control of goods & chattels of the debtor and on occassions enter into a controlled goods agreement with the debtor to pay by instalments

If the debtor is not available at the initial visit, the bailiff (CEA) may (if the vehicle is at the address) clamp the vehicle and leave a notice for the debtor to contact the office/bailiff and arrange payment.

Notices are left attached to vehicles that have been siezed, giving time for the debtor to contact the bailiffs office and arrange payment, before removal of the vehicle becomes necessary

If necessary our Certificated Bailiff may decide that removal of goods is required to ensure that payment is made and avoid any possible illegal interference with the goods subject to the Taking Control of Goods Enforcement Regulations.

AT ALL TIMES we will endevour to keep removal of goods a last resort and we will inform our client of the action undertaken.

Once collection of funds has been cleared through our bankers payment will be made to our clients. 

Clamps are used only to secure the siezed goods and prevent them being driven away, this also gives the debtor time to tender payment.


The nature of all bailiff (CEA) work, is to collect the outstanding debt owed to clients by enforcing Warrants / Liability Orders and ultimately this leads on occassions to goods having to be removed.

A good bailiff (CEA) will identify the 'WONT PAY' debtors to the 'Can't pay debtors', and when necessary will have to remove assetts of the debtor.

Often the threat to remove can resolve the situation, but we are always prepared to take the matter to the Ultimate Conclusion - Removal & Sale. We have a variety of transporters at our disposal including flat Bed car transporters, HIAB transporters and HeavyHaul Bed Units.

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